I'm a legend in my own mind......

See this photo of Nate? Looks like he was looking right at me, doesn't it? Well, he was. Because I totally asked him for his Perfect Gray. And I did it all for you guys. His answer:

Light Grays: Benjamin Moore's Moon Shadow (#1516) and Silver Lake (#1598)
Dark Grays: from the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection (he didn't give a specific name)

And here is Nate doing a fist pump and saying, "Woohoo! Thanks for coming, Donna! I love your blog!"

Well, not really. But I did kinda get an inflated ego  - being invited to The Nate Show and the HGTV luncheon. It was awesome meeting so many wonderful bloggers. I tried to meet as many as I could, so I introduced myself to a couple of ladies while we were in the 'green room,' asking, 'Are you design bloggers, too?'
One replied, 'No, and I really don't know what a blog is. What is it....?"

Then I remembered I'm just a gal with a computer. Pushing up pretty pictures.

I'll be back with more of those on Monday.

 Have a great weekend.  

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