My grass is really green today....

Last night I dreamed we sold our house for a lot of money and moved into a huge old house in our former neighborhood (that I adored)  in another city. And guess what our first project was...? Re-doing a bathroom.

Picture this: really big sections of cardboard covered big holes in the plaster walls. Workers had to break all the fixtures just to make them fit in the wonky room. The plumber spent his weekends working on our bathroom because time there during the week just wasn't enough....

I ran out of the house screaming only to realize that we had no yard.

In my dream, I started sobbing and crying, "We made a mistake! I want my old house back! I want my old house back!"

People, let me tell you. Today I want to wrap my arms around my home and say, "I love you." I grumble and complain about parts of it all the time. And even more often, I wish so much of it was different. But this morning I woke up and realized how much I really love it.

the house I love
(taken at 7:30 this morning)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend in the home YOU love...


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