hey, that's my chair...

chair from the Tony Duquette Tastemaker Tag Sale
One Kings Lane

I've recently discovered a new blog that I like, Sybaritic. William has a good eye. 
Saturday, he featured a few of the Tony Duquette items from the One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale. 

That chair from the sale really looked familiar....  

my chair

Here's my chair. So similar, aren't they...?
I suspect both chairs are from the Victorian era. They are made of  mache with mother-of-pearl inlay and hand-painting.
I really do love mine. You know me, I'm a neutral gal, so a piece like this kicks a room up.  I bought mine at an estate auction a few years ago. At the time, I wondered if I paid too much. I think I spent around $225.

It's a safe bet the Duquette chair went for lots more. Gotta love local auctions. Don't miss them when you have the chance.

(And I like the legs on my chair better...)

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