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When I posted about the vintage stainless steel medical cabinets I found up for auction last week, I had forgotten about this beautiful bathroom by Betty Lou Phillips. Could that cabinet be any more perfect? or perfectly filled?

Well, here's how it went at the auction: I really wanted those pieces but so did a very good friend of mine. Do you remember Diane's lake house? Diane knew those would be awesome in her place at the lake. So we did the only thing we could do...split them up - each promising the other 'first dibs' if we later changed our minds.

I think we are both happy. She got the piece with the cabinets and drawers, kinda like the one pictured above, and I got the piece with the shelves.  

Mine looks exactly like this one from Modernicus. You can follow the link to see their price.

Once I get mine all set up, I hope to have a photo or two for you. And we are lucky enough to know the history of these pieces, too. They are from the dental offices on the Marine Corps base at Parris Island, SC. 

Thank you so much for all your comments and encouragements about these pieces on my original post. We ended up paying $300 for each piece. Not too bad, I think...

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