vintage stainless steel medical cabinets

Bear with me a minute folks - I'm gonna get all quirky on you. I've just discovered two vintage stainless steel medical cabinets set to go up for a local charity auction this weekend. 
They look pretty much like the pieces in the first and second images. And they are in perfect condition. I'm thinking the second piece would make one heck of a cool bar...

People, how much do I pay for them...?

I am so excited thinking I might actually get them...

And speaking of quirky, I'd like to thank Artie Vanderpool  for my cool new blog header.   Oh,'s my header that's quirky, not Artie. He totally 'got' me right away, is very reasonably priced,  and was so much fun to work with.  I'd totally recommend him if you are looking for something new. Thanks, Artie.

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