at the auction!

Do you love a good antiques auction? When I dealt in antiques, I used to go to auctions all the time. I absolutely loved the hunt. Here's how it usually went down:

The preview: walk around and check it all out. Is there something here to snap up at a good price then resell? Is there something here that I just have to have for myself ?(the real reason for being here, after all.)

The crowd: who else is here? other dealers? friends? who is looking at what?

The wait: sit toward the back and watch the bidding. when that great thing comes up, bid just before the auctioneer cries "sold!" If you still have competition, re-bid fast like you're never gonna stop....(although sometimes you have to!)

I often had butterflies, especially over bidding on items I knew I wasn't likely to see again soon. And the adrenalin rush that came when I got a great piece for a song kept me coming back.

I've gotten some good things at antiques auctions through the years and I've recently started going again, just for fun. I'm a penny-pincher, so I've never spent a fortune on pieces but I've also never regretted any auction purchase I've made. I've only regretted the ones I didn't make. 

the enchanted home

You know me. I'm a mirror nut. I have a weakness for antique bamboo framed mirrors like this one, so when I had a chance to buy a lot of them a few years ago at an auction, I said, "baby, you're mine."

the center one with the crackled silvering is my favorite

I'd tell you what I paid for them, but then you'd hate me...

What have you scored at auction...?

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