special request -your advice

my heart skips a beat for old, stripped and scrubbed interior doors like these...

via my scandinavian retreat

they add so much character to these spaces...

along with my master bath re-do (still going on, folks...) we're changing it up in our bedroom. I had taken down our bi-fold closet doors to replace them with new solid paneled doors. Then we lucked up on these at a salvage yard... 

old heart pine doors with a little paint still on,
mostly white with a little gray

Just when I thought we'd never find what we wanted - there they were. And the pair was less than the cost of one new door. I'm crazy about the outline of the old handle hardware - one oval and one rectangle.

Now, my dilemma. I kinda like a little paint still on. What's a girl to do...keep the paint or take it off entirely?

(My wall color is benjamin moore horizon.)

What do you think?

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