weekend discoveries...

Abigail Ahern

One, you guys are the best. Thanks a million for your advice about my old pine doors.  Most of you said keep the paint on, which was my first thought, too. But a good many of you said the paint definitely needs to go. I think the best suggestions were to hang the doors, live with them awhile, then decide. Your comments brought home the fact that the paint remnants look more rustic and cottage-y while the stripped doors look more refined, sophisticated. Thanks for helping me crystalize that thought.

And two, Nate Berkus knows what's up. Did you see his goodies on the One Kings Lane Sale Saturday?

Look at this baby:

Vintage stainless steel cabinet
Nate Berkus and Associates
Offered through One Kings Lane

ok, ok, mine's missing a knob.
guess that makes it worth only $3,000
call me...I'm taking offers...

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