a note from me to you

I love reading and commenting on your blogs. I have been so frustrated lately with a Blogger commenting problem that is keeping me from commenting on many blogs. After doing a little digging, I found this recent Blogger notice:

"We're investigating reports of users not being able to comment on IE8/9 from the embedded form. We hope to have a fix out shortly, but in the meantime we encourage admins to switch to either the full-page or pop-up forms which should be working without issue."

Many times lately, I have tried to leave comments on several blogs but have not been able to sign in. It's nothing you have done; it's a Blogger problem. If you are using the embedded comment form, please consider switching to the pop-up comment form to allow for more comments.

(You should see the steam coming out of my ears after I type a lengthy comment to an awesome post, but then I am unable to publish the comment and it's lost...!)

If I am unable to comment, there are surely others out there who are having the same problem.  I hope this helps. I really miss being a part of your conversations!

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