my master bath sconces...?

in my master bathroom 
I waited patiently...well, maybe not-so-patiently...for over a year to find just the right sconces for my new master bath cabinetry. New ones just wouldn't do.
Nope. Not for me.
I was very limited because the size had to be just so for the right fit and look. So trust me, it was tough going.
Well, yesterday, while on the way to the grocery store, I made a little side trip and found this pair of  antique bronze sconces in a consignment shop practically in my own back yard. And I had already made TWO trips to Atlanta looking for sconces!  
"hold it up there just a little longer, honey...
while I try to decide."

I'm trying one out for size right now but I think these are IT.
What do you think? 

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