I dreamed of John Saladino

Over the weekend, I dreamed of John Saladino.
I dreamed that I attended his lecture about ancient Italian architecture and about how he re-imagines those same classic design principles in his modern-day construction and decor.

I dreamed that John Saladino had, despite his monumental stature in the design world, an easy nature and disarming wit. 

I dreamed that pearls of wisdom rolled from John Saladino - things like:

dining room in Saladino's villa

"Your dining room is your theatre."
Saladino's bedroom in his villa
"Layering makes a room more complex and interesting."

powder room in Saladino's villa

"When we are young, we are taught how to read, but not taught how to see."

from Saladino's furnishings line 

 "Use plain fabrics and simple shapes and your rooms will never betray you."  

It was an awesome dream to say the least.
But just then -  my alarm clock rang.
I rubbed my eyes and smiled at the remnants of my dream.

But when I walked into my living room....there was a copy of John Saladino's Villa.

Signed by the man himself.

Was it....?

Could it have been...?


signing MY copy of Villa

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