michael leva's apothecary jar lamps

Michael Leva's Connecticut library
I was excited to receive a note from Michael Leva, former J. Jill executive and C. Wonder Creative Director, when his New York apartment was featured in The Fashion Issue of Elle Decor (October, 2012).  You might remember that a few months ago, I featured the gray library, above, from Michael's Connecticut home (also seen in Elle Decor).
Michael's Connecticut kitchen
Michael's house in Connecticut is full of gorgeous neutrals...

Michael's Connecticut living space
...with one fabulous punch in the form of an antique apothecary jar/lamp filled with colored liquid.
What a stunner.

Another image of that awesome lamp from New York Magazine.
(But is it green this time?)
So I guess it should be no surprise to see Michael's New York apartment was also filled with sophisticated neutrals and kicked up with....
Michael's New York digs
 Elle Decor

...an acid green liquid-filled apothecary jar/lamp. 

I fired off an e-mail to Michael and he was kind enough to satisfy my curiosity. Did he have two antique jar/lamps? And did he sometimes change the colors? Or was one moved from Connecticut to New York....? 
Michael in Elle Decor
Geez. That chair is the stuff dreams are made of...
Michael ain't so bad either.

"I have a collection of three apothecary lamps." Michael says. "I actually bought the jars and had the fittings made for the them to become lamps. They are in both homes. I bought two in Paris at the flea market and one in Hudson, NY....The color of the water does change from time to time but the poison green just really suits my mood in both houses most of the time."
Thanks, Michael. For your time and information and mostly for the inspiration those lamps give us.
Antique. Unique. 'Poison' Green.
In my book, that knocks it outta the park.

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