Nate Berkus gives me his "go-to" gray

Dior Gray
Benjamin Moore 2133-40
I have to give it to the folks at Nate Berkus Associates; they are super helpful. And fast. 
Last week when I asked about Nate's top gray paint color, I got this speedy reply...
"Benjamin Moore's Dior Gray"
I also dug up this little video by chance. I had no idea that it even existed.
When the design bloggers attended a taping of Nate's show a while back, I asked him about his favorite gray paint colors.
Here is his response.... 

The light grays that he mentions:
Benjamin Moore's Moon Shadow (#1516)
 Benjamin Moore's Silver Lake (#1598)
It was so fun to see that again.
(But too bad that my question was edited out.
You'd love my southern drawl, y'all.)

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