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I'm crazy for tortoise right about now.
This coffee table top isn't helping any.

One of the last times I was at Scott Antique Market in Atlanta,
I found this vintage tortoise shell cuff.
I wear it almost every day.

 my tortoise cuff 

Check out these heart-stopping antique tortoise shell pieces...

...a beautiful tea caddy

and a tortoise shell cameo from the 1700's.

(found these on pinterest, of course) 

I'm also crazy for vintage bamboo pieces with that tortoise shell look.

The Glitter Guide

I found this great English coat/umbrella stand at an antiques auction
 several years back. 
The bamboo has that light-and-dark amber tortoise shell look. 

my tortoise bamboo coat/umbrella stand 

And, of course, my bar cart has a little tortoise on it...

 my bar cart

Elle Decor

Are you convinced yet?

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